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This is a project founded in Argentina, which wishes to break through the barriers that the blind people currently have when it comes to using their mobiles to communicate with others. We are a group of young entrepreneurs and professionals specialized in different areas.

History and events


"We are going to fly with this."

In 2016, we applied Design Thinking strategies and adopted the Lean Startup approach to interview more than 40 blind people. We have tested the Braille keyboard and the feedback was outstanding. The users could text in half the time and they loved the concept. One of the teenagers even said he felt he was going to fly with this.

Our team
Awards We won the acceleration program Incubando Salud 2016. We were semifinalists -out of 1,000 contestants- at Everis Innovation 2017. We have participated in 5 events on Disruptive Technologies. The Honourable House of Representatives stated we are a 'project of interest for the Argentinian goverment.'
The begginings "When I came up with the idea, I didn’t know any blind people. I just wondered how the blinds texted and how they used smartphones. After I did some research and started meeting some blind users, I felt more and more passionate about the idea of helping them and creating an app (which now became a launcher) to make their lives easier and I followed that path."Juan Manuel Jacinto.
Improving the market We used Design Thinking and Lean Startup methodologies and we’ve got permanent feedback from our blind testers and our professional colleagues to improve our launcher.

Team Brailling


In Rei Inamoto’s terms, Juan Manuel would be the hipster (the designer and creator), Paula would be the hustler (the social negotiator), and Matías would be the hacker.

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Juan Manuel Jacinto CEO and Co-Founder of Brailling Juan Manuel Jacinto CEO & Founder "Brailling is my pride. Although I’ve designed many websites and other projects of mine have had some kind of repercussions, nothing beats Brailling and the possibility of helping a minority. What we’ve achieved so far amazes me (being promoted in popular Argentinian newspapers and news media and winning the acceleration program) and I think this is an exciting opportunity to change the world of mobile accessibility." @JuanmaJacinto
María Paula Jacinto CCO and Co-Founder of Brailling María Paula Jacinto CCO & Co-Founder "My biggest achievement is being able to do what I love for a living, as corny as it may sound. I get to translate movies, shows, I get to teach and spread this passion of mine and, now, with Brailling, I get to help a minority by building bridges." @BraillingApp & team@brailling.com.ar
Matías Serritella CTO and Co-Founder of Brailling Matías Serritella CTO & Co-Founder "Software Engineer, geek and entrepreneur. I love to create innovative solutions to everyday problems with the help of state of the art technology. I have wide experience in web and mobile apps development, as well as free hardware platforms and Internet of Things." @MatiSerritella & dev@brailling.com.ar

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With Brailling, we want to improve the way blind people use the cellphone. Send us your feedback and let's improve together.

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